API Docs

Ninja Blocks REST API

The Ninja Blocks REST API is implemented as JSON over HTTP using the GET/POST/PUT/DELETE verbs. Each resource, like Block, Device, User or Rule, has its own URL and is manipulated in isolation. In other words, we’ve tried to make the API follow the REST principles as much as possible.

All API usage happens through Ninja Blocks applications, created by either Ninja owners for their own devices, or by 3rd Party Developers for use by the Ninja Blocks community.

Right now Ninja Blocks owners can create applications for themselves through (Settings tab > API).

You might notice us throwing a few cardinal rules about consistency out of the window here and there (looking at you camel case vs underscore). We know it’s bad, and we promise to fix all of it in v1. Right now we’re focused on building the foundations, rest assured we’ll get to the finishings soon.