Ninja - LimitlessLED

NinjaBlocks module for LimitlessLED lights (Same as MiLight, EasyBulb, ...)


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Compiling the Ninja Block's Arduino firmware

This How-To guides you through the process of setting up software and libraries to compile the Ninja Blocks arduino code, and then flash the arduino via the Ninja Blocks dashboard.

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Get your Driver on

The step from making a Driver work within your own development environment to making it work for anybody is a larger one than most would expect.  One crucial step in that respect is deploying your code somewhere that is publically accessible.  Git is not the only version control system out there, nor is github the only hosted repository, but it's the one we use, and as such will be the focus of this How-To.


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Use the New Rules Features

Recently Dan announced the release of new features in rules.  In this How-To I'll expand on that and demonstrate some use cases.

** UPDATE ** Now with State Device example!

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Deploy a Node App to Heroku

Here's a quick guide to deploying a Node app to Heroku.  It's a good place to start and allows you to separate issues you might have with an app you're working on from issues related to deployment.

It's accompanied by a script that's available on github:


Unboxing and Reboxing your Ninja Block

If you've ever wanted to pull apart your Ninja Block to get at the goodies inside, we've made a short video showing you how to do exactly that.

Why might you like to do that?

  • To get at the pins on the BeagleBoard.
  • To replace the Arduino Cape if you need to.
  • To prove you're a true hacker.

Have a look at the video and let us know in the forums what you'd like to see in future blog posts and videos!


Make a Wearable Nina's Eyes T-Shirt

Want to create a wearable Ninja Blocks Device?  Here's how.

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