October 25, 2013

Generic Rule Components

Hi Ninjas,

We've created some useful generic rule components to help you create advanced custom rules that weren't previously possible with the UI. These rule components expose the underlying structures that our rules engine is built upon. It is now possible to create rules with triggers and actions based on your custom devices.  

  1. Turn on Developer Mode in your Settings->Preferences

  2. Navigate to the Rules page
  3. Use the custom rule components (listed at the end of your device components)
  4. For each component, select the device that it should correspond to.


  1. Change
    Matches value and type. ie: a '===' comparison.

  2. Equality
    Basic mathematical comparison (assumes numerical values)
    • Greater Than: Fire if data point is greater than value
    • Greater Than Equals: Fire if data point is greater than or equal to value
    • Less Than: Fire if data point is less than value
    • Less Than Equals: Fire if data point is less than of equal to value

  3. Threshold
    • Rises Above: Fire once when value rises above the threshold.
    • Drops Below: Fire once when value drops below the threshold.
    • When Above: Fire on all data points when value is above the threshold.
    • When Below: Fire on all data points when value is below the threshold.


  1. Send Value
    Send a value to a device

  2. Generic Toggle
    Toggle a device between two values


While the functionality is a bit advanced, we think this will open up the rules engine to more of your applications.

Happy rule making! :)

October 22, 2013

Drivers › How-to ›

Installing Block Admin on Your Ninja Block

Hey Ninjas,

We're getting ready to release an exciting new tool on your blocks. It's called Block Admin and it allows you to easily install, remove and manage the drivers on your Ninja Block. Got a new fancy gadget? In a few clicks you can be up and running using your gadget to its full potential with Ninja Cloud. 


Since Block Admin has not yet been released, you can get up and running by connecting to your Ninja Block and running the following command:


wget -O - | sudo bash 


Now that Block Admin is installed, you can follow this tutorial to install drivers!

 Happy Hacking!

October 15, 2013

Drivers › How-to ›

Installing Drivers on Your Ninja Block

Bought a new fancy gadget and want to connect it to the Ninja Cloud? Chances are somebody in our amazing community has written a driver for it already and I'm going to show you how to install it.


Step 1: Log in to your Ninja Cloud account

I'm going to assume you've done this before, but just to be sure, hit up and log onto your dashboard. 

Step 2: Click on the Drivers button

In the upper right corner you'll see a button that says "Drivers." This is where the magic is. Click it. I know you want to.

Step 3: Click on the manage button

After you've clicked on the drivers button, this will bring up a list of your Ninja Blocks and the drivers currently installed. This is your portal to drivers for your Ninja Block. From here, you can configure your existing drivers or add new ones. We want to install a new driver so click on the orange "manage" button.

Step 4: Go crazy

From here, you can install any driver you like. Just click "install" and you're away. If you'd like to see the progress of your driver installing, simply click the link again and a new window will pop up showing you the progress of your driver as its installing.



Once the driver has finished installing, you can manage it under "Drivers" at any time in the dashboard. Can't find the driver you want? Try your hand at writing your own-- its not as hard as it sounds!


As always, if you have any problems, hit our forums, or send us an email at


Happy Hacking!

Ninja - LimitlessLED

NinjaBlocks module for LimitlessLED lights (Same as MiLight, EasyBulb, ...)


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Communicating directly with the Arduino in the Ninja Block

The Arduino cape inside a Ninja Block is what allows RF to be detected and used in your rules, but have you ever wondered exactly what the arduino is saying?

This quick guide will tell you How-To listen directly to what the arduino is saying, and even talk back to it!

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Compiling the Ninja Block's Arduino firmware

This How-To guides you through the process of setting up software and libraries to compile the Ninja Blocks arduino code, and then flash the arduino via the Ninja Blocks dashboard.

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August 02, 2013

Convert a V1.2 cape into a V1.2.1 cape for use with BBB

If you've a NinjaBlock, and want to upgrade it's guts to a beefy BeagleBone Black, then this mod is required to ensure the arduino cape will continue to function.

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