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Rule the connected devices in your life

With the Ninja Rules Engine you can create rules that turn on the lights when you're not at home, or send an SMS to your phone when someone is at your front door.



Build a web connected security solution

Within five minutes you can create a security system that texts you whenever motion is detected, or if a door or window is opened. You can even have images saved to your Dropbox.

Run apps for the internet of things

With apps built on our API for Atoms ™, the Ninja Block can be whatever you want it to be. It's your security system, your wine monitor, your cat's entertainer, it's your home's thermostat, and more.



Monitor and control your things anywhere

Make sure the iron is turned off or if the kids are at home? With our remote control app you can control your things or keep an eye on your home from where ever you go.

Temperature & Humidity

Use the included Temperature & Humidity sensor to monitor your wine collection from anywhere in the world or use the Ninja Rules Engine to build the world's best thermostat.

Motion Sensor

Get peace of mind by using the included wireless motion sensor to build a security system that talks to the web or simply use it to let you know when the kids are at home.

Door Bell

Never miss a delivery again! When paired with Ninja Cloud, the included wireless door bell can notify you on any phone when someone is at the front door.

Window & Door Sensor

The wireless Window & Door sensor takes your security system to the next level. Stick it to your door and window and get notifications if they're opened.

Arduino Compatible

If you want to get your coding hands dirty, the Ninja Block contains an Arduino compatible micro-controller, that you can program using the official Arduino IDE.


Inside each Ninja Block is a credit card sized Open Source Computer called a BeagleBone running Ubuntu (Linux). You can even run your own apps on it!


You can control your Ninja Block's RGB LED eyes. Use our Web Hooks feature to change the color Ninja Block's eyes based on events like a server going down, or the stock market climbing.

Open Hardware

The Hack Me tags give you instant access to the Open Source Computer and Arduino inside. You can download all the designs for our software that runs on the block, the electronics schematics and even the enclosure design!

Included inside the Ninja Kit are:

  • 1x Wireless motion sensor.
  • 1x Wireless door/window contact sensor.
  • 1x Wireless button.
  • 1x Wireless temperature and humidity sensor.
  • 1x Ninja Block (BeagleBone Black Linux computer with an Arduino).
  • 1x Ethernet Cable.
  • 1x 5VDC 3 Amp Power supply with connectors for US, EU, UK, and AU.
  • 1x Temperature Probe

*Shipping is currently delayed due to a Global BeagleBone Black shortage - 14/5/14

Sorry, this product is out of stock.

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