April Ninja Kits delayed (again)

Short version:


Bad news for the April Ninja kit batch. Its been delayed again. We now expect them to ship on 21 May. We have upgraded shipping to USPS Priority for the US and DHL Express for Europe which are both relatively reliable 5 days services. People in other countries will get a discount coupon if we can’t find a reasonable shipping option.


Long version:


You would think that things would be getting smooth by our fourth batch! Unfortunately not so much. A lot of the responsibility falls to us, assuming that delivery times would be similar to previous batches (not so much). This pushed back assembly into a national holiday week, and finally to make matters worse the temperature/humidity sensors failed QA on mass.


We were aiming to ship on 14 April, however it will now be around 21 May. We are paying for faster shipping for the US and Europe so with luck the kits will still arrive by the end of May only slightly later than they would have with standard shipping.


For future Ninjas outside Europe and the US we are investigating better options, if we can’t find a reasonable shipping option we’ll send you a discount coupon instead along with our apologies.


You will receive an email once your order has been dispatched with a Tracking and or delivery receipt number.


Please accept our deepest apologies. We understand that you may want to cancel your order, if so please contact help@ninjablocks.com by the 10th of May.


Apologies again,

Team Ninja.


Pete Moore
Pete Moore