New Rules Features are Live!

G'day All

Just wanted to announce that we've drastically improved the rules engine, including many new features and performance/reliability fixes. In no particular order:

Short Codes

Specifically when sending a webhook, email, tweet, sms, facebook post. Currently supported short codes:

  1. {{DATE_UTC}}
  2. {{TIME_UTC}}
  3. {{DATE_TIME_UTC}}
  4. {{GUID.deviceData}} ie {{1012BBxxxxx_0_0_31.deviceData}} (You can get guid from the info box in the device's widget)
  5. {{GUID.deviceName}}
  6. {{GUID.subDeviceName}}, ie if you have a motion sensor on the RF widget called 'motion' it will put 'motion' in.
  7. Note: the webhook shortcodes need to be put in the dashboard. This is slated to be fixed.

Delay widget 'for at least'

This makes the delay smarter, and will only continue after the delay if that amount of time has passed. This is useful for 'If motion, turn on my lights, delay at least 30 seconds, and turn them off'. Thus constant motion will not result in constantly turning the lights off and on.

Rewrite of the time precondition

Timezone support, daily schedules and custom periods!

Enable/disable a rule from within a rule

You'll see a 'Toggle rule' action now. This means you can now 'arm' a rule with a button, for example. I'm excited to see what people use this for.

State device

You enable this from the settings tab in 'Services' tab. You will get a new widget where you can add custom states. You can make rules 'if state X' then send 'state Y'. The state device is D = 244. You only need to send the data once and we'll action it if its in a rule precondition no matter how long ago it was sent. This opens up some interesting opportunities, but proceed with caution! We'll be writing up some HOWTOs on this shortly.

Other fixes

We've also gone through the entire rules engine with a fine tooth comb, rewriting the bad parts and optimising the good parts. It's quite a bit of an overhaul, so please be patient as we iron any last kinks. 

Thanks for reading!

Daniel Friedman
Daniel Friedman